Pesto(ish) for a rainy day

So after Spring made a very brief appearance, in particular yesterday which gave us a day in which we all breathed a sigh of relief from the awful weather we seem to be having recently, today it is cold, grey, raining and utterly miserable. Burian 2 is on its way, or the beast from the … Continue reading Pesto(ish) for a rainy day

Slow travel in Tuscany, and anywhere

The last time I was in Rome, I had all these plans to visit all these places and then my son started vomiting the first morning we were there so we pretty much ate our way around Testaccio instead including a carbonara at Lo Scoppetaro restaurant that I know will become one of my lasting … Continue reading Slow travel in Tuscany, and anywhere

Wild boar stew is part of my identity

When I told my family I was toying with the idea of being vegan or at least vegetarian, my younger son looked at me in that way he has when it's obvious he thinks his mother cannot possibly be serious. "You'll never manage it," he pronounced. Of course he was right. I can't see myself … Continue reading Wild boar stew is part of my identity

Cacciucco, or chickpea soup amidst the snow

Cacciucco, a fish soup associated with Tuscan coastal towns such as Livorno, Viareggio, and in my case memories of a camping holiday in Castiglione della Pescaia where I had these rather romantic visions of the good life in a tent until the people in the tent next to us started singing Carpenters songs. I have … Continue reading Cacciucco, or chickpea soup amidst the snow

Monday soup for the soul

After last week's impromptu "let's just all have a week off as everyone got ill", everyone's back and out of the house and so I spent the whole of my Monday morning - err, cleaning the kitchen. Yes, really, life is that glamorous, although it's actually quite a nice feeling in a way, kind of … Continue reading Monday soup for the soul

We are what we eat (but make it Italian)

Call it a modern day version of one of those much loved and much stained notebooks that I have sitting on my bookshelves in my kitchen, the ones that belong to my grandmothers and mother. They're the ones hidden between the other books, Italian classics such as Artusi's The Art of Eating Well, various other books … Continue reading We are what we eat (but make it Italian)

Bologna porticoes and the women’s marches

I took the picture last Thursday in Bologna before the women's marches. There's something so calming about Bologna. It manages to be lively and vibrant without feeling chaotic. It's also one of Italy's oldest university cities (yet feels more like a big town), is home to so much cultural and political activity. I sat in … Continue reading Bologna porticoes and the women’s marches