I’m Rachael Martin, I’m a travel and food writer and I live just north of Milan near Lake Como. I got on a plane from the UK over twenty years ago and never went back. To read more about my story, click here.

I write about travel, food, culture and the arts in Italy, and provide content writing and copy writing and editing services. When I’m not writing, I love sharing what I’ve learned through online talks and cooking classes for adults and children.

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The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Milan


Scenes from a Northern Italian village…

“Rachael’s travel articles are richly textured and never obvious. She’s an insightful and engaging guide who writes from extensive experience, highlighting parts of Italy that rarely make the usual travel lists and finding the overlooked gems in those that do.”

Jessica Phelan, Co-editor, The Local Italy

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Italy, a love story

Girl gets on plane to Italy, eats her way through pasta, pizza and anything else she can find. Meets Italian guy who teaches her how to cook pasta with salt – and anyone who knows Italian cooking will know that cooking pasta without salt this is one of THE cardinal sins of Italian cooking. Read more

Picture: Reader, I married him (and he can also make fresh pasta)