Spaghetti and sauce: a workshop for kids

Hi everyone, am thrilled to announce my new workshop for kids – just in time for half term!

We’ll be cooking spaghetti, making our very own fresh tomato sauce, busting spaghetti myths, exploring a bit of spaghetti history and learning a bit of Italian along the way. The emphasis is on both cooking and culture, so children will cook their own spaghetti and tomato sauce but also learn about the history of spaghetti and what it means to the people who eat it. I’ll encourage children to ask questions and get curious about Italian food in general. I’ll also teach them a few Italian words and phrases along the way. The aim is that children have fun with food and go away wanting to learn more, try out more recipes, and generally gain confidence in the kitchen. Allora bambini, ci facciamo due spaghi? (So kids, shall we make some spaghetti then?)

Date and time: Tuesday 16 February, 11 am UK time (class duration 60 mins)

Cost: 12 euro

Recommended age around 6-11 years


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