Hello again…

Check back soon for travel, food and culture and various bits about Italy that have no definite classification as yet, and possibly may never. They're the bits you've maybe always wondered about, or at least I've certainly wondered about in various states of pseudo-existential crisis. They sometimes stem from a woman of a certain age I once met … Continue reading Hello again…

Home, memory, sand in your sandwiches

And then we came home again, after a summer that included our usual trips to Spain and the UK, via the two month mark of the three month Italian school holidays when we all started to feel like it was time to go back to school. Yet the holidays continued, and the UK was a round … Continue reading Home, memory, sand in your sandwiches

Chicken dinners

The decorator had been in all week and we were living in that state of chaos which is slightly too much. Meals on the coffee table or rather what serves as the coffee table which is actually my old university trunk eventually lose their appeal. Or rather than losing their appeal, we'd got to the … Continue reading Chicken dinners

A tale of two lasagnes

If we're talking lasagne, then it's a tale of two. The first is my mother's from my childhood, when lasagne was a food of 80s dinners, along with the stir fried chicken that came from her copy of the St Michael Cookery Library's Chinese Cooking. It was often made using dried lasagne verdi, and generally … Continue reading A tale of two lasagnes

Memories will be made of meatballs

A friend asked me for the recipe for my meatballs. "How do you make yours?" she asked. "I love to hear how other people make them." Good question. My meatballs are generally recipe-less. They're usually a mix of the meat I've bought and what I have in the fridge. The other day I made them … Continue reading Memories will be made of meatballs

Comfort comes in the shape of meatballs

I had this phase once where just about every Friday night I'd make chicken risotto, and every Friday night my son would curl up his nose and wail "that's not risotto!" because where we live risotto may be very popular, just not with chicken. So I'd end up giving him pasta and ragù instead, whereas … Continue reading Comfort comes in the shape of meatballs

Pesto(ish) for a rainy day

So after Spring made a very brief appearance, in particular yesterday which gave us a day in which we all breathed a sigh of relief from the awful weather we seem to be having recently, today it is cold, grey, raining and utterly miserable. Burian 2 is on its way, or the beast from the … Continue reading Pesto(ish) for a rainy day