Easter cakes in Lodi

The Agnello di Pasqua (Paschal Lamb or Easter Lamb) is a classic Easter cake from the Lodi area or the Lodigiana. It's made of flaky pastry and is usually filled with crema pasticciera (Italian custard). Variations are fillings of Chantilly cream or chocolate. At Pasticceria La Lombarda (the Lombard) in Lodi, they have been preparing cakes … Continue reading Easter cakes in Lodi


Easter preparations at a local café this morning. Pasticceria or confectionery, is still considered a culinary art form in Italy. All products below are made on the premises in the laboratory. Just as nothing beats a morning cappuccino and brioche, nothing beats merenda, as the afternoon snack is called in the local café. Usually merenda is a … Continue reading Pasticceria

Focaccia genovese and Recco beach

Focaccia will always have a special place in my heart, or rather in my stomach. Food is emotional, and it's what I remember eating when I first came here twenty years ago. There was a shop around the corner from the school where I worked. I'd go off and buy it for my lunch and then … Continue reading Focaccia genovese and Recco beach

Down amidst the cheeses at the deli

People say that you rarely get chance to eat anything on your wedding day. Wrong. I ate everything, deliberately made a point of finishing every single morsel of the menu me and my husband had painstakingly discussed with the chef. It was a three-day lakeside wedding (Lake Como), where English ladies in hats met Italian … Continue reading Down amidst the cheeses at the deli

Live Italian, eat Italian

Living in Italy you soon become aware that food has god-like status, on a par with football, Ferrari and your mother. It’s the focus of animated conversations, the holy grail at the end of many a Sunday drive (sometimes for several hours) and everyone has an opinion. Food is revered and respected, which is maybe … Continue reading Live Italian, eat Italian


I can trace my life in a dish of pizzoccheri. I’d just met my husband and we were spending all our weekends driving backwards and forwards in the dead of night up mountain passes as snow fell onto the windscreen. We’d park the car in the early hours of the morning and traipse down sometimes … Continue reading Pizzoccheri


Canederli, a typical dish of the South Tyrol, the mountainous area which stretches down into Italy and Alto Adige. Alto Adige was originally part of Austria, and only became part of Italy during the armistice agreed after the First World War. It was then occupied by German troops during the Second World War but passed into … Continue reading Canederli