Arancini di riso alla milanese or Milanese style rice balls

Saturday 25th November marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. I want to share a recipe for arancini di riso, or little oranges of rice as they're known, a popular dish from the south of Italy. The reason I want to share them is because I ate them once, cooked by … Continue reading Arancini di riso alla milanese or Milanese style rice balls

November is sausage ragù

You can't beat a sausage ragù. You can't beat any ragù, and I generally make mine with half beef mince and half sausage Italian sausage meat anyway. But today went pear-shaped and I was in a hurry, and so the sausage casserole with polenta I'd planned to feed my family for lunch and was feeling … Continue reading November is sausage ragù

Easy Saturday cooking

Saturday cooking. When the week is over and although the workload might not exactly be finished, there's nothing I love more than a bit of Saturday lunchtime pottering in the kitchen. At the moment I've got Pellegrino Artusi's Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well on the kitchen worktop, along with a … Continue reading Easy Saturday cooking


Easter preparations at a local café this morning. Pasticceria or confectionery, is still considered a culinary art form in Italy. All products below are made on the premises in the laboratory. Just as nothing beats a morning cappuccino and brioche, nothing beats merenda, as the afternoon snack is called in the local café. Usually merenda is a … Continue reading Pasticceria

Nutella for grown-ups

My kids were little and we were by the lake. I was making Nutella sandwiches. "And if we ever have kids, they're not eating any of that crap," this guy sitting near(ish) to us said to his girlfriend. I too had been that mother of the my kids will never eat Nutella variety. Before I … Continue reading Nutella for grown-ups

Focaccia genovese and Recco beach

Focaccia will always have a special place in my heart, or rather in my stomach. Food is emotional, and it's what I remember eating when I first came here twenty years ago. There was a shop around the corner from the school where I worked. I'd go off and buy it for my lunch and then … Continue reading Focaccia genovese and Recco beach

Down amidst the cheeses at the deli

People say that you rarely get chance to eat anything on your wedding day. Wrong. I ate everything, deliberately made a point of finishing every single morsel of the menu me and my husband had painstakingly discussed with the chef. It was a three-day lakeside wedding (Lake Como), where English ladies in hats met Italian … Continue reading Down amidst the cheeses at the deli